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    Alternatively titled, ’tis the season to be taken in the pouring rain with all of your kids when walking over half a mile to your car. Because that definitely happened to me this morning, followed by my glasses falling off my head and me backing over them with my stroller. I truly hope someone saw it so they could at least get a good laugh!

    While I love nearly every little bit of Fall, the constant rain over here is getting just a tad bit old. We are going on two straight weeks of downpours, which means two straight weeks of the kids bouncing off the walls & using our furniture as a jungle gym. So right now, my mind is wandering to cozy stocking caps on coffee runs, warm slippers for building couch forts & snuggly sweaters for movie nights once the kids are in bed. Who’s with me?! :)

    Grey Pom Hat,Pink Drape Cardigan, Grey Sweater Poncho,Pink Fur Pom Beanie,Mustard Infinity Scarf,Braided Knit Headwrap,Fur Slippers

    And of course, cozy sweaters & knit hats are even cuter on babies!


    Grey Sweater Dress,Mint Tights,Pink Sweater Dress,Leopard Boots ,White Hair Bows
    Onesie & Moose Hat (similar here) from last year Crewcuts

    I hope you all have a great weekend. And for those of you stuck inside, if the rain must pour, then so must the wine! ;)

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