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    I am generally a pretty thankful person, and one thing I’m especially grateful for at this time of year is the amount of reading I can do during the Thanksgiving holidays. My mom and husband tend to take over the kitchen when it comes to turkey time, which leaves me with hours and hours to throw myself into a novel or two. (Or three.)

    Happily, it’s a fantastical month for romance. Nora Roberts delivers a tale of an artist seeking answers on a Greek island about her mysterious visions. Molly O’Keefe concludes her two-book erotic romance series with a doozy of a story. Loreth Anne White’s suspense shocker In the Waning Light will make you never want to turn out the lights again.

    So check out our selections of the best romances under, and try to convince someone else to do the cooking this month. You will be too busy reading.



    Stars of Fortune by Nora Roberts - Readers who love Roberts’ more magical (and by that I mean magic-filled) books should dive into her new trilogy about six people who come together on the island of Corfu to discover their hidden talents and restore the fallen stars of water, ice, and fire. This is Sasha (the seer) and Bran (the magician)’s story. Can’t wait for the next two books.


    Cold-Hearted Rake by Lisa Kleypas - When Devon Ravenel inherits an earldom, he also inherits responsibility for the former earl’s three young sisters and his lovely, combative widow, Kathleen. Despite their differences, this hero and heroine are fairly matched, and sparks fly as they duel for control and finally surrender the fissure that have been keeping them apart.

    Heartsong Cottage by Emily March - Though no one in the small, friendly town of Eternity Springs knows it, Shannon O’Toole is in hiding. Afraid that her fiance was killed, she’s been on the run for months, and is now hopeful that the killer has lost her scent. So the last person she needs digging into her past is handsome private detective Daniel Garrett, who has his own past that he wants to keep buried. Shannon and Daniel explore the bonds of trust and love as they try to heal every other.

    Wicked Edge by Rebecca Zanetti - Hunky male witches who ride Harleys? Oh, my. When coven enforcer Daire Dunne tangles with the lovely, mysterious Cee Cee, he soon finds himself pursuit her around the world as she executes her long-planned revenge against a mutual enemy. I’m not a huge fan of MC romances (any man who would consider referring to me as his “old lady” is a man with a death wish), but Zanetti’s books aren’t quite that, and they have a huge dose of humor as well as sexiness that will keep you turning page after page.

    What Happens under the Mistletoe by Sabrina Jeffries, Karen Hawkins, Candace Camp, and Meredith Duran - OK, maybe you can’t get out of cooking the turkey or nine different pies this month. If that’s your situation, grab this collection of short novellas that delighted me with its stories of old loves rekindled as well as the sparks of new love, all set around the holidays. Romance delivered in bite-size chunks can be delicious, too.

    Falling into Bed with a Duke by Lorraine Heath- Minerva Dodger is well aware that no man finds her interesting or attractive, except when they’re considering her money. After six Seasons without an offer she’s interested in, Minerva decides to embrace spinsterhood by observing the Nightingale Club, where women don masks to hide their identities while they find pleasure in the arms of handsome men. Her encounter there with the rakish Duke of Ashebury pits her need to remain anonymous against his desire to learn the name of the woman who’s ensnared him, and the sensual cat-and-mouse game between these two well-matched opponents will delight historical romance lovers.

    In the Waning Light by Loreth Anne White - Reader, beware–do not read this book (or any of White’s books) while you’re alone in your house unless you have nerves of steel. I literally could feel chills running crosswise my skin as White unspooled the story of true-crime author Meg Brogan’s return to her small coastal hometown to finally unearth the details behind her own sister’s murder long ago. Meg’s questions stir up old secrets, and she soon realizes that perhaps her sister’s murderer was never caught and is still lurking nearby. White doesn’t stint on the romantic angle even as the story drives to a gripping, terrifying conclusion.

    Forever This Time by Maggie McGinnis - Readers of small-town romances will enjoy this heartwarming tale of a woman who returns to her hometown upon the hospitalization of her father with a blow. While her father is out of commission, her mother wants Josie to help run Snowflake Village, the family’s Christmas-centered theme park, puting Josie right in the path of Ethan, the man she loved and then left behind when she fled town ten years ago. Neither one is looking for a second chance at love, but their hearts have different ideas.

    The Harder You Fall by Gena Showalter - Former party girl Jessie Kay Dillon is determined to clean up her act and hest off wham-bam relationships, but no one else in town seems to have gotten the message, including Lincoln West.

    Short and sizzling is the only type of relationship Lincoln will offer, and lordy, is Jessie Kay tempted. Showalter is a genius at crafting flawed and amusing characters who you immediately take into your heart and start rooting for, and Jessie Kay and Lincoln’s thorny path towards true love will have you laughing and wincing as they battle their way toward a happy ending.

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