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    There was a bit of excitement for me this afternoon when I noticed this little guy (Spotted black snake) doing laps in the pool smile emoticon he was much happier after I relocated him down at the creek, and so was the relieved frog who was also doing its best to avoid its swimming companion in the pool!

    corn_snake_in_my_pool_by_cheetahsintheearth-d30dwrn (1)


    This particular Spotted Black Snake (aka Blue-bellied Black Snake) (Pseudechis guttatus) was around 35-40cm long and I was told by local snake expert Nathan, that it would have been last years baby.



    Queensland Museum has some wonderful information about the Spotted Black Snake which can be found here. I note that they mention that there has been a marked decline in this species in the Lockyer Valley over the last 30 years.


    This is the smallest Spotted Black Snake that we have seen at Jarowair. Over the years we have seen quite a few in varying colours. This one in particular didn’t have the typical blue grey belly that we normally see on the large snakes.

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