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    Smartphone is defined as the mobile personal computer with an advanced mobile operating system that has key features useful for mobile and handheld use. Smartphones have the advantage to carry ( typically pocket sized ) , Have personal digital assistants ( like Siri , Cortana or Bixby) , Easy and wide access to internet using cellular or Wi-Fi  , GPS navigation , digital camera , Media playephones ( can run both still images and videos ) etc. . 


    Most of the smartphones have a color display that comes with graphical user interface, Instead of having hardware buttons in most occasion has a touchscreen and sometime additionally a touch enabled keyboard. All the smartphones are run by operating systems like Google Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone. They all come in wide range of variety, different in color, weight, screen size, different speed of processor and amount of memory. Most of the smartphones are user friendly and easy to get this days.

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