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    Samsung TV


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    Samsung TV


    Samsung has long history of making wonderful electronics and gadgets. It might hard to differ the various Samsung TVs that are on offer at local store. Samsung renowned as television manufacturer started its own journey in 1938 in Daegu city In South Korea. The current Samsung Group Headquartered in Samsung town, Seoul. They concentrated on manufacturing television since early 1990s and became one of the market leaders. All the Samsung televisions , regardless of resolution ( SUHD, UHD, HD) or technology (Quantum Dot, Nano Crystal, LED) .are broken down to different series .

    Samsung TV

    Samsung TV


    All of 2016’s models falls under 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 series labels accordingly. The series labels are the way Samsung ranks its different models. Every January in Las Vegas CES, Samsung announces all its new TV models that will appear during the year, than it took a while to launch and distribute them in the shops.  Different technologies will only feature in certain series , like Samsung’s high end Quantum Dot display models only appears on Model series 7,8 and 9 .Samsung has keep producing beset quality TV that are changing over the time to keep up with lifestyle .  In recent time Samsung bring Curved TV displays in QLED 4K TV Models.  Here are some of the popular Samsung TV models:

    •         Samsung MU 6500 TV
    •         Samsung MU 7500 TV
    •         Samsung MU 9000 TV
    •         Samsung Q65Q7F TV

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