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    Product description

    Pigeon baby transparent soap with case is designed to take care of baby’s sensitive skin. The ultra-mild soap, with natural ingredients, cleans and softens baby’s supple skin. The translucent soap is easy to lather and can be rinsed off easily.

    From the Manufacturer

    Anti-inflammatory Fragrant Formula

    A perfect match for your baby’s super soft skin, the Pigeon baby soap is a unique cleansing agent that mothers can conveniently accommodate in their little one’s daily routine. Made of completely natural ingredients, the Pigeon baby transparent soap works gently to clean baby’s skin. Additionally, the natural fragrance keeps your baby smelling good for longer durations. With its unique anti-inflammatory properties, the Pigeon baby transparent soap 80g is a natural cleanser that keeps the baby’s skin healthy, soft and glowing. Accompanied with a complimentary soap case, it becomes extremely easy for mothers to store the used soap.

    Unique No Tear Formula

    Apart from the natural ingredients, the Pigeon transparent soap for babies comes with a unique no tear formulation so that they can enjoy their bath time without being inconvenienced because of the soap slipping into their eyes. Extremely easy to apply as well as rinse off, the soap is formulated to ensure that nothing stays on the baby’s body once the bathing process is completed. As the Pigeon transparent baby soap can act as a moisturising agent, it will smoothen and nourish the baby’s skin. Additionally, the bar lasts for a good time making it an affordable investment for the health and happiness of your baby.

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