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    Posted By: Shopprice ZA

    Hi every­one ! Today I’ve got Cristiana Priyanka tak­ing the wheel with a guest post about 6 makeup mis­takes you didn’t know you were mak­ing. Enjoy!

    Makeup is a woman’s best friend – it can help you hide traces of sleep­less nights, tell-tale signs of aging and a range of unpleas­ant skin con­di­tions. Still, even with its stun­ning prop­er­ties, maquil­lage does involve cer­tain rules of appli­ca­tion and removal and norms con­cern­ing main­te­nance of makeup prod­ucts and tools. Most women often over­look these rules either because they are unaware of them, or sim­ply for­get to fol­low through.

    Here we bring you sev­eral makeup mis­takes you prob­a­bly didn’t even know you’re mak­ing so scroll down for more if you feel like your maquil­lage hasn’t been effec­tive of late.


    1. Over­look­ing cleanliness

    If your skin is prone to occa­sional acne break­outs and blem­ishes that appear for no appar­ent rea­son, there’s a chance your makeup kit is not clean enough. To pre­vent nasty skin con­di­tions, clean your makeup brushes at least once a week – this will elim­i­nate germs and bac­te­ria that crowd on unclean sur­faces and infect the skin once in con­tact with sen­si­tive spots.





    2. Over­do­ing makeup layers

    If your face tends to get all cakey, faded or heav­ily built-up in cer­tain parts of your face, odds are you’re not apply­ing your maquil­lage ade­quately. Instead of end­lessly lay­er­ing your foun­da­tion, pow­der, primer and blush, use less makeup – but make the lit­tle you use count. Whether you know it or not, less is more in the world of beauty, and a qual­ity makeup ensem­ble will cover all your needs far bet­ter than a hoard of cheap, short-lasting alter­na­tives. You can also choose organic makeup, as nat­ural ingre­di­ents found in organic makeup are very good for sen­si­tive skin.

    3. Not sync­ing your makeup with weather

    Even though you love that mat­ti­fy­ing primer and intense mois­tur­izer and enjoy wear­ing them in any sea­son, it doesn’t mean that this par­tic­u­lar makeup for­mula plays well with just about any weather con­di­tions. Before apply­ing your daily makeup, check the weather fore­cast and exam­ine makeup labels for rec­om­mended use based on weather con­di­tions. Some makeup prod­ucts tend to fade or cake over when exposed to high humid­ity, so before you go and pile it up on your face, you’d bet­ter check twice.

    Makeup-Mistakes-WeatherImage Source: Credit

    4. Not remov­ing makeup before sleep

    Another fre­quent mis­take most women make when deal­ing with their makeup, the fail­ure to remove your facial maquil­lage before turn­ing in for the night may cause seri­ous skin prob­lems and con­di­tions like acne, blem­ishes, spot­ting and pre­ma­ture aging of the skin. So, before you go to sleep, make sure you wipe your face with a qual­ity makeup removal tonic, like the ones you’ll find in Soci­ete skin­care prod­ucts (Aussie read­ers, you can get Soci­ete skin­care prod­ucts from Alive Skin+Hair). How­ever tired you may be, not remov­ing your facial col­ors will make your skin look even more tired tomor­row morning.


    5. Apply­ing makeup directly to skin

    If your skin has gone flakey, dry and irri­tated, you may be apply­ing your facial maquil­lage all wrong. Some women for­get to use primers and foun­da­tions before apply­ing their makeup, which can result in dry, sen­si­tive skin. Before you start lay­er­ing blush, eye shad­ows and con­tour­ing pow­ders, make sure you apply a light mois­tur­izer and/or primer to keep your skin well-protected from heavy makeup – this will also help your col­ors look bet­ter and more evenly and last­ingly dis­trib­uted across your face, too.


    6. Apply­ing maquil­lage in inad­e­quate light­ing conditions

    How­ever well-lit your bath­room may be, it still doesn’t guar­an­tee that your face will shine at its best of lights once you get to work or your friend’s party. Light­ing con­di­tions play a major role in the over­all look of your makeup-covered face – makeup applied under strong neon bars may come across as com­pletely out of place in nat­ural light because of dif­fer­ence in tone nuances and light prop­er­ties. To stay on the safe and the pretty side, you’d bet­ter pick your makeup appli­ca­tion loca­tion care­fully, based on the light­ing con­di­tions of the place you’re going to spend the rest of your day.




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