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    Posted By: Shopprice South Africa


    We all know it can be difficult for our pets to take their medicine. They squirm. They refuse to swallow. They spit out a tiny tablet halfway across the room. Even when you disguise it in food, they somehow manage to sniff it out and eat around it! Pill poppers can be tricky to handle. Pets taking medicine can be tricky to handle!




    And all we want is out pets to stay healthy. And to preserve some sort of relationship with them, not have them run away every time we go near!

    I was discussing this predicament the other day with a listener to my pet behaviour Q&A segment on radio 2UE in Sydney and so many people wanted to call in with their advice. Hiding in cottage cheese and peanut butter were some suggestions.



    I would love to hear what you do with your pets. How do you get them to take their medicine? Or perhaps they simply swallow it and don’t even notice. What about top-spot flea treatments – are these easy to administer?

    Love your feedback :)


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