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    Barry Flash 2

    After the great Season 1, The Flash is back with more arresting stuffs for Season 2. If you watched any of the teaser trailers for The Flash Season 2, then I am pretty much sure that you would have noticed ‘Zoom.’ The big bad villain of The Flash Season 2, who is also faster than Reverse Flash, Flash and even Jay Garrick (the original Flash).

    So, who is Zoom?

    Well, we now don’t know who he really is. Some of us believe that he is Hunter Zolomon, while some believe that he is Barry from another world and some even believe that he is self-obsessed doppelganger of Garrick, from Earth 2.

    While, we will get the answer in the future story, but one thing is clear that he wants to kill Barry Allen aka The Flash.

    Arrow Season 4

    Why Zoom wants to kill The Flash

    Earlier, it was being speculated that Zoom wants to kill Flash as he is his doppelganger. But thanks to The Flash Season 2 New York Comic-Con trailer, we now know the actual cause why he wants to kill Barry. (Watch the new Trailer Below)

    As narrated by Jay Garrick himself, Zoom wants to be the one and only speedster in the world. Earlier when he was in Earth 2, he wanted to kill Jay Garrick, so that he could be the only one speedster in that world and now when he has entered Barry’s world, he wants to kill Barry to make sure that he is the only one here too.

    Zoom Flash

    That is the only reason Zoom is bringing villains since Earth 2 and ordering them to kill The Flash.

    Who is Jay Garrick?

    jay garrick

    Well, we will get the answer in The Flash Season 2 Episode 2. But thanks to comics, we already know who he is. Jay Garrick is the original Flash from the Golden Age, Earth 2. He is among the good guys and is just like Barry, who fights against crime. But unlike Barry, Jay prefers to work alone. And that is what he will tell Barry to do too. He believes that anyone closer to him will be always in risk.

    Jay will also teach Barry some new lightning techniques and basically he will be Barry’s new mentor. Unlike Reverse Flash who was using Barry to go back home, Jay will be like a big brother for Barry. And in return Barry will also teach him how to work with a team. So, basically they both will learn something from each other.

    flash jay garrick

    The Flash Season 2 is going to be just awesome. And soon, we will also get to see Wally West, another Flash, who is also known as child Flash.

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