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    6 tips to ensure your dog will make the perfect wedding guest


    Posted By: Shopprice South Africa Compiling a wedding guest list can be a complex affair, but when it came to ours there was always one guest who was going to make the cut and that was our dog, Harry. We adopted our 10-year-old rescue dog a couple of months after we got engaged, following a morning

    Dog Photo Challenge ~ Green


    Posted By: Shopprice South Africa I love the colour green – to me it feels so vibrant, fresh and energising! From a meaning of colour perspective, green is the colour of nature symbolising growth, harmoy and renewal. From a colour psychology perspective, green is apparently creates an equilibri

    Don’t Drool in the Pool! Plus More Pool Rules for Your Pup


    Posted By: Shopprice South Africa This weekend is for the dogs. I don’t just mean that we’re sweltering in the middle of the famous “dog days” of summer. This is literally a weekend where we should be giving thoughts to our dogs even more than usual. We have not one, but two holidays in honor of

    How to get pets to take their medicine


    Posted By: Shopprice South Africa We all know it can be difficult for our pets to take their medicine. They squirm. They refuse to swallow. They spit out a tiny tablet halfway across the room. Even when you disguise it in food, they somehow manage to sniff it out and eat around it! Pill poppers can

    Food and nutrition for your senior dog


    Posted By: Shopprice South Africa   Keeping your senior dog fit is necessary to ensure a happy old age. Feeding him the right proportion is essential to keep him healthy. Senior dogs require 20% lesser energy than young adult dogs. The decrease in energy requirement is linked to declines in

    Food and Nutrition

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    Posted By: Shopprice South Africa One of the most important jobs as a pet owner is keeping your kitten well-fed and feeding her the right food. First you need to learn how much you should be feeding her, keeping in mind that she will need different amounts of food at different times in her life. He

    Training your pup


    Posted By: Shopprice South Africa Good training plays an important role in ensuring a happy relationship between your puppy and you. You personally training your puppy aids in understanding him better. He in turn will know what you expect from him in helping him fit into the environment. The better