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    large size sauna dome


    Shopprice South Africa Large Size Sauna Dome R7999.99 lose weight and detox at home for a fraction of the price. our infrared sauna blanket, large sauna d ome and luxury finished dome has the same functions and outcomes. suitable area: the whole bo dy aiming at: function amp effect of inf,,,,,,, Mo

    Infrared Sauna Blanket


    Shopprice South Africa Infrared Sauna Blanket R4999.99 lose weight while lying down. our infrared sauna blanket, large sauna dome and luxury finished dome has the same functions and outcomes. suitable area: the whole body aiming at: func tion amp effect of infrared sauna blanket:,,,,,,,,,,,,, More

    Intensive Body Renewal Device


    Shopprice South Africa Intensive Body Renewal Device R2999.99 only 15-20 minutes daily, you will be able to enhance the look of your face: your skin will appear b righter and your body more toned suitable areas: face, hips, breast, arms, legs, belly button and chin aiming at: cellulite removal,,,,,,

    5 in 1 Body Care Device


    Shopprice South Africa 5 in 1 Body Care Device R999.99 save thousands of rands by using this multifunctional beauty device. suitable area: face, arm pits, feet, legs, arms and bikini area aiming at: with 5 interchangeable heads you now hav e a unique device thatrsquos does 5 beauty regimes,,,,,,,,,,,,

    BlackHead Mask


    Shopprice South Africa BlackHead Mask R249.99 say goodbye to blackheads suitable area: face aiming at: blackheads are totes disgu sting to look at and can really interfere with the beauty of an individualrsquos face. what causes b lackheads they are formed when excess body oils cl,,,,,,,, More Info

    Dead Sea Mud Mask


    Shopprice South Africa Dead Sea Mud Mask R399.99 radiant skin has never been so easy to achieve suitable areas: face okay, wersquore no t going to lie to you: dead sea mud does not sound particularly attractive or beneficial. after all, dead mud! the thing is, though, the name i,,,,,,,,,,, More Inf

    Body Whitening Lotion


    Shopprice South Africa Body Whitening Lotion R499.99 100 natural ingredients for even toned skin all over suitable area: whole body aiming at : the natural ingredients in this lotion are ideal for those areas of the body that appear dark er than the rest e.g. underarms, elbows, kneecaps,,,,,,,,,,,

    Gold Facial Mask


    Shopprice South Africa Gold Facial Mask R599.99 use nano gold particles for 45 minutes a day for a brighter, youthful and rejuvenated skin su itable area: face aiming at: the effects of this product are seen almost immediately with visible improvement in the skinrsquos firmness and,,,,,,,,,,, More

    Electric Hair Removal Epilator


    Shopprice South Africa Electric Hair Removal Epilator R999.99 simple and convenient device to remove facial hair suitable areas: face, under arms, arms, le gs facial threading has been around for thousands of years. in recent times there has been ne w development in beauty technology that brings thi,,

    2 in 1 Ultrasonic and Ionic Beauty System


    Shopprice South Africa 2 in 1 Ultrasonic and Ionic Beauty System R2999.00 spend 4 minutes a day, to keep make your skin appear more youthful, smooth and healthy with this sim ple and affordable device. suitable areas: face aiming at: skin rejuvenation face l ifting wrinkle removing : the ultrasonic am