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    1. Yellow Crested Cockatoo: They are usually medium ranged in their sizes and can only be around 34 cm in their size. They consist of a white plumage and have a yellow colored crest. They are also known by the name of the Lesser Sulphur-crested Cockatoo because their skin is bluish white; their feet are grey and have a back bill plus yellow crest that is retractile in nature.


    2. Golden Parakeet: They are also called as Golden Coure and although they have many different types but most of them consist of a yellow plumage and green flight feathers that attracts most of the people. The Golden Parakeets are a friendly species, existing, nurturing, slumbering and even breeding together. They ordinarily eat fruitlets, flowers, shoots, kernels and cultured maize in the remote.


    3. Rainbow Lorikeet: These parrots are extremely beautiful in their looks whose main reason is their colors since their plumage is very flamboyant and bright. They usually live for only 20 years and are majorly found in the regions of Australia, eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.


    4. Fisher’s Lovebird: They have been named after a German explorer Gustav Fisher in the late 19th century. These parrots are very quiet in nature so they are considered as a great pet and consist of green back, wings as well as a green chest. Their necks are mostly golden yellow in color and most of their head is range in color that makes them look so beautiful.


    5. Cockatiel: They are native to Australia and are also known by the name of the Quarrion. They are very popular and coolest pets in various households and are known very much to favor the Australian wetlands, scrubland and bush lands. Various studies have shown that the color of these parrots is derived from two pigments, namely Melanin and lipochromes.


    6. White Fronted Amazon: They are naïve to central America and their length is about 25 cm which makes them the smallest amazon parrots in the world, the life span of White Fronted Amazon is 40 years and they can imitate a range from 30 to 40 different sounds. They are named so because of their lively white patch of feathers on the foreheads, though the volumes of white diverge from individual to individual.



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